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Video of a great adventure, a special transport handled with great professionalism and competence: the demonstration of the ability of PRIMA tackling all challenges.
The transport told presented great difficulties for the type of goods, for the route, to the multiplicity of necessary means and by the number of countries crossed.
Planning for such an adventure requires knowledge of every detail and creating a network of partners and collaborators reliable. PRIMA ensures the success of impossible missions.

The secret of our success: competence, professionalism, experience, close-knit team and attention to detail and safety. The video shows that PRIMA can tackle seemingly impossible transport ensuring success. The experience of each member of the team PRIMA and cooperation to achieve the goal are essential to ensure the success of every adventure!

Prima Satt


Pietro Casagrande

Since 1994, PRIMA has stood for reliability, accuracy and safety in "heavy load" transportation.
PRIMA provides a 360° service for all transport needs: our staff takes care of solving any kind of problem: from disassembly to packing to document drafting and planning so that transport vehicles get to their final destination. 
We specialize in offering solutions to transport requirements that pose a number of challenges, those that seem impossible and that PRIMA makes do-able.


Prima Staff

PRIMA ranks at the top when it comes to know-how in transporting heavy loads to inaccessible locations in a short time.
The human capital, the skill, the network that allow us to tackle difficulties and unexpected circumstances as though they were challenges make us the perfect partner for the hardest types of transport in terms of type and size of merchandise, or the terrain and paperwork hassle in the countries we cross with our vehicles. The experience and ingenuity of our staff allow PRIMA to guarantee each transport is a sure success.

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