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PRIMA SA was founded in 1994 in Chiasso, Switzerland. The wealth of experience acquired over the years has brought PRIMA to fine-tune its skill in transporting any kind of merchandise anywhere around the globe.

Our specialty is heavy load transportation; heavy in terms of their size, weight and the added complications brought on by the type of goods, "heavy" in the sense that the route to travel is cumbersome and the Countries we find ourselves crossing are too, "heavy" because of the heaps of paperwork that certain locations exact for transport and heavy, finally, due to the strict delivery schedules our customers demand.

The experience and variety of professional profiles at PRIMA guarantee every transport is successful. Entrusting us with your transport needs means not having to deal with even their slightest detail (we do it all for you) and just wait reassured for the goods to get there on time and in perfect condition.

PRIMA follows up the transport process in all its steps: from deciding the best packaging and safety system for the merchandise, to disassembly and re-assembly, to customs and paperwork, to the choice of the vehicles, to chartering the route, to selecting the Partners to rely on in the Countries you send us to. Transport the All Inclusive way.

PRIMA has a soft spot for complications, it chooses the "impossible" transport need, it takes on seemingly insurmountable challenges to ensure its Customer's satisfaction and startle with its hi-tech and resourceful solutions, which allow it to reach unthinkable destinations real fast.

Customers entrust their highly valuable goods to us with not a worry in their mind, sure as they are to have chosen a reliable and exceptionally professional supplier, which spells success for all heavy load transport.

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Heavy load transport entails safety risks: safety of the merchandise that has to get to its final location in one piece, safety of the vehicles, personal safety of those transporting the goods and of those we "encounter" along the way. PRIMA plans every detail and manages all transport labor to prevent any problem and solve any hardship, guaranteeing 100% safety. Handling a transport mission in is most minute detail, including any need to disassemble and re-assemble the goods and their packing, allows PRIMA to monitor each step of the process and ensure all due precautions are taken.


PRIMA transports heavy loads all around the world, traversing countries in every continent. Choosing the best partners with whom to work to have a stronghold everywhere is a vital factor in ensuring every transport is a success. Our partners ensure that the legislation and standards for transport and its management are known and kept updated, considerate of the cultural fabric and customs of each country, as well as knowledge of the local land and its infrastructures. The reliability of our Partners is the trademark of success of every transport.

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