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PRIMA is a Company that was born and developed in Chiasso in the Ticino canton and it is here that its staff resides and works.
Awareness of the importance of taking part in projects that are far from its core business to mesh into the social fabric and contribute to its improvement has been the driving thrust that has led PRIMA to invest resources and time in projects in the no-profit world, the world of sports and the arts.


Christmas is a holiday for sharing, for lending a helping hand, for working together to improve the quality of life of those around us and of the environment we live and work in.
Well aware of the poorest populations of the world and seizing the opportunity to help them enjoy Christmas, PRIMA has since 1998 decided to allocate its budget for Season wishings to charities.
From 1998 to 2005, PRIMA has supported "Amici dei Bambini" (Fiends of Children), a charity formed by a group of adoptive and foster families. Since 1986 Ai.Bi. has been endeavoring alongside the children that are welcomed in institutes all over the world to fight the shameful crime of neglecting minors.
In the years that followed, PRIMA has allocated its resources to "La mensa e il gregge" (The harvest and the flock), a charity in Mongolia since spring 2003. The organization supports families of nomad herders in the steppe and Gobi desert who are in dire need of sustenance and aid, offering them the possibility of making a new start in life and of providing a dignified future for their children.


In June 2012, PRIMA decides to participate as Sponsor to Progetto Amore (the Love Project). Progetto Amore is a project that ties Sports to Charity, in which thanks to a day filled with sports events and guests, funds are raised to be used for several events. In 2012, the Italian Songwriters' Football Team and singer Meneguzzi took part in the event.
In 2010, PRIMA also participated in an event tied to the Chiasso Football Team to raise funds to purchase a defibrillator for the stadium where the team plays its matches.

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The passion for sports is shared by all PRIMA Staff members and forms a strong bond between the company and its surrounding territory.
PRIMA has decided to sponsor an amateur football team in Chiasso to take part in a Tournament between Logistics Companies in the Ticino Canton, tournament which it has also won.
PRIMA was also among the sponsors of the last Football World Cup and European Championship that were held in Chiasso.


Everyone is an artist to some degree if he performs his work with creativity, imagination and skill. PRIMA Staff is formed by highly professional members, true ARTISTS in their line of work.
PRIMA has sponsored the Italy-China Biennial: an event that took place in November and December 2012 at the Reggia of Monza. The exhibition, to which many Chinese and Italian artists took part, appealed much to critiques and the public alike.
In 2012, PRIMA sponsored the artistic event Boston - Vienna, in which Italian, U.S. and German artists had the opportunity to exhibit their works in Art Galleries in Boston and Vienna.

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