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What makes PRIMA stand out the most? What makes it the best Partner to transport heavy loads and affords its Customers the reassurance that their goods are in safe hands?
A mix of skill, qualities, partnerships and experience, besides an outstanding All-Inclusive Customer Service.

Reliability and safety

PRIMA guarantees the transport will be a success, Customers have peace of mind with us, they know their goods will be delivered in one piece and on time. Care for every detail gives PRIMA customers the luxury of concentrating on their core business while we take care of all transport issues. The goods must arrive flawless and with not a single dent: when our Customers unpack the goods, they have to be in the same conditions they were when handed over to us.

All-inclusive transport

Transport doesn't start when loading the merchandise to end when it is unloaded at destination: it needs to be packed, lifted, handled and even disassembled at times. heavy loads require special preparation for them to be transported: they must be packed sturdy, while yet allowing them to be loaded and unloaded off onto various transport means that travel the distance that separates them from the final destination. choosing the type of packing and preparing it to fit transport needs contributes to the overall improvement of the process, which is why prima offers its customers to take care of this step for them. Some goods cannot be transported in a single unit, but need to be disassembled and then re-assembled at arrival; prima has selected the best technical partners to take care of these cumbersome operations for all types of merchandise, to make sure it works when delivered.

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A global team working in sync, the partners that aid prima are carefully selected and guarantee our stable presence on a local level and continued monitoring of the various transport phases. thanks to their support, prima has branches worldwide and tackles every challenge with success.


Transport can also be "heavy" due to the trouble crossing through certain countries with certain types of goods. knowing the customs procedures and transport standards not only helps root lasting business ties with reliable partners all over the world, but allows prima to support its customers in filing lengthy paperwork for transport. Know-how and ingenuity Staff at prima has developed experience in managing complex transports, it has expertise in planning and skill solving the apparently impossible. keeping up with market trends and exchanging feedback with partners make it easy for prima to be updated on all new features of transport vehicles, new equipment and packing systems, allowing it to offer advanced and creative solutions to its customers. Every challenge stimulates us to seek out solutions that amaze, but that also make the objective feasible. ingenuity in developing ideas cannot, however, overlook the need to be updated on the opportunities offered by new technologies that become available on the market in the transport industry, handling, packing, etc.

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